Saturday, January 9, 2010

Inspiration for the new album

My dad as a teenager, back when he was a trouble maker. Age 17

Willem Dafoe in his first role, The Loveless, 1982

Rebels Of Neon God, 1992

A film by Taiwan Based Malaysian Director Tsai Ming Liang, Depicting 2 teenage delinquents in Taipei in the early 90's.

The keyboard synth heavy 80's score along with the motorcycle night drifting scene haunts me.


Jennifer said...

impeccable taste and inspiring inspiration ! Hope Slim and LuLu end up in one of your short films one day..... looks like 2010 will be a year of good work from you . Happy new year A.
love from J

Dirty Beaches said...

thanks J.

send my regards to the rest of the family. happy new year.

Its gonna be a good one this year. I can feel it.

d.n. said...

love the loveless<33333333

looks like some damn good inspiration here

Dirty Beaches said...

I'm surprised you even know it, not a lot of people have heard of it. Been really into 80's recreation of the 50's for a while.

Its so unrealistic, and overtly romanticized that it becomes something else entirely.

btw, you need to update dem photos more lil' girl. people like see them.

d.n. said...

that and grease 2 make up some of my fave flicks but i barely know any 50s revival past that. they are quite hilarious but so enticing. i really love them, any more recommendations?

Oh and i know, i know. i'm working on it!!

Dirty Beaches said...

beside the obvious ones that were huge in the 80's (i.e. back to the future, american graffiti) I really liked repo man. although not really 50's related, but the overall mood and soundtrack was heavily inspired by it. highly recommend it.

here are a few more other ones worth mentioning in the 80's/50's revival:

d.n. said...

oh of course! love those too! except i've never seen this matt dillon one. looks great i'll check it out
thanks dood.

[movie night when you're in!]